Thursday, June 14, 2007

the dynamics of any relationship is wrought with intricately cyclical hesitancies. take, for example, just the most basic need for the preservation of self. once an issue is brought up between two people, both become self-defensive, and instead of solving the issue together, the tension can begin to snowball as each try to learn the new dance, knowing what they now know of each other. and the more they try to fix it, the more the issue becomes bigger, the more self-defensive they become, the more they try to fix it, etc.

take, for another example, the issue of vulnerability. same tangential cycle here. the more vulnerable you feel, the more unsure you are of your own decisions, the more questions you may ask of yourself, and sometimes to others, which may unfortunately create a dependency on others who may feel, after awhile, your vulnerability and treat you differently - either avoidance or dominance, which makes you feel more vulnerable and more unsure of your own decisions, etc.

the best thing to do is to talk yourself out of pride and self. letting go of self and trying to see the bigger picture gives you plenty of room to breathe as you inhale and allow a relaxed sigh to escape within that well-needed chuckle.

Monday, June 04, 2007

i made my mom's potato salad yesterday for the bbq:

boiled eggs (mom always says "eggs" first)
sweet vidalia onions (it's a georgia thing)
cucumber (can be substituted with celery or anything that goes "crunch," really)

didn't taste as good as mom's, but good in its own right.